ORGANIC Quebec-Grown Garlic



Organic Quebec-grown Music garlic keeps exceptionally well for up to 1 year when properly stored. (For more information)

Consume it immediately or stock up for the year. Discover the 7 reasons for getting an annual supply of Quebec-grown garlic.

With its strong, spicy taste and large cloves, you can make tasty dishes very quickly. Our garlic has such a strong taste that you won’t need to use as much as you usually do!


Crushed, minced, roasted, organic Quebec-grown garlic can be used in a wide variety of dishes. See our recipes for inspiration.



With its strong, spicy taste and large cloves, you can make tasty dishes very quickly. Our organic Quebec-grown garlic has such a strong taste that you won’t need to use as much as you usually do!


Grown on our farm in the Eastern Townships, our certified organic garlic is ideal for planting.

Consult our growing guide or buy your seeds in bulk from our online store. Contact us for orders over $ 1000

garlic quality 

Taste: Grade 1 garlic and Grade 2 garlic are equivalent in terms of taste.

Conservation: Grade 1 garlic keeps for a long time, easily until the spring. Grade 2 garlic keeps only until the winter (or possibly longer). Grade 2 garlic is perfect for fall recipes, canning and cooking during the holidays. It is best to consume Grade 2 garlic first and Grade 1 garlic last.

Appearance: Grade 2 garlic (unappealing, unmarketable, etc.) is garlic that we cannot sell to supermarkets because of its appearance (not as white, damaged skin, missing a clove, etc.). In contrast to Grade 1 garlic, which looks great, Grade 2 garlic is less attractive!

garlic size 

Small size: 30 g and under, diameter of 41 mm and under, approximately 40 bulbs per kilogram, between 110 and 120 seedlings per kilo**. 

Medium size: 30 g to 50 g, diameter of 44 mm to 47 mm, between 24 to 31 bulbs per kilogram, between 80 and 120 seedlings per kilo**.

Large size: 50 g and over, diameter of 50 mm and over, between 10 to 15 bulbs per kilogram, between 52 and 65 seedlings per kilo**.

The size of the clove is usually proportional to the bulb, so larger bulbs mean larger cloves. If you’re cooking many portions or if you’re simply a big garlic lover, large cloves are ideal. The larger the clove, the less you need to peel!

*Sizes are set by the Garlic Growers Association of Ontario. 

**The number of bulbs per kilogram is for information purposes only and can vary from package to package. One thing is certain: you will always get 1 kilogram of garlic!

our garlic varieties 

Organic Quebec-grown garlic Music variety/porcelain -  Le Petit Mas

Porcelain Group

Strong and spicy garlic

Larger, fewer cloves (2 to 6 per bulb)

Excellent storage (8 to 12 months)

Glazed purple stripe garlic variety  - Le Petit Mas

Glazed Purple Stripe Group

Rich and mild garlic

About 10 cloves per bulb, somewhat flattened in shape 

Silvery- or golden-glazed skin

Medium storage (6 to 8 months)

190 ml jars of fermented garlic scapes - Le Petit Mas

What about garlic scapes?

Hardneck varieties (with a stiff stalk) produces a scape.

Our fermented garlic scapes are convenient and versatile, gives no garlic breath and are easy to digest

Try them in our recipes!

Variety, group, cultivar of quebec-grown garlic - Le Petit Mas

What is the difference between a garlic variety, group and cultivar?

There are over 1 000 garlic varieties in the world.

Learn more about some garlic varieties!


Organic Quebec-grown garlic - 115 g - Le Petit Mas

Quebec-grown garlic 
115 g

Organic and conventional

For sale at IGA, Metro and other grocery stores.

Organic Quebec-grown garlic - 1 kilo - Le Petit Mas

Quebec-grown garlic
1 kilo


For sale from our online store.

Organic Quebec-grown garlic - Grade 2 - Le Petit Mas

Quebec-grown garlic
Grade 2

Organic and conventional

For sale within the Hotels, Restaurants & Institutions (HRI) network and from our online store.

Peeled Quebec-grown garlic - Le Petit Mas

Quebec-grown garlic
Peeled, 1,5 kg / 3,3 lb


For sale within the Hotels, Restaurants & Institutions (HRI) network.


Why should our Quebec-grown garlic be kept at room temperature (20°C or over)?

Music garlic and Glazed Purple Stripe garlic are autumn varieties, which means that they are sown in the fall. Their roots form during this period until the beginning of winter when the garlic goes dormant. These varieties need this dormancy period so that they can sprout in the spring. As soon as the soil thaws, the garlic sprouts, breaks ground and grows until harvest time (in late July or early August).
Storing garlic at a temperature above 20°C prevents it from going dormant and stops its biological clock. The germ will grow very slowly inside the clove. Therefore, the germ won’t come out for several months and often not at all. This makes the garlic keep a long time, even until the next harvest in the case of the Music variety. If you find that the germ, which is edible, grows too big during the season, you can remove it before cooking. After all, this part of the garlic is more difficult to digest.


Why shouldn’t garlic be kept in the cold?

If autumn garlic is kept in the cold, then brought back to room temperature, it will react as it does in the spring and germinate very quickly. 

If autumn garlic is stored continuously in the cold, it will react as though the fall is lasting and grow roots. The roots will pierce the protective skin of the bulb and the garlic will dry out prematurely.

So our Music garlic will keep until the spring and maybe even the next harvest when stored at room temperature (20°C or over).

The Glazed Purple Stripe garlic, on the other hand, does not keep as long (only 6 to 8 months). We recommend that you consume it first.

Store your Quebec garlic in the cupboard or keep it handy and ready to use on the kitchen counter. Watch out for cold drafts in the walls or cupboards, since they can harm its conservation.

7 excellent reasons for getting a supply of our Quebec-grown organic garlic

1) Stop throwing garlic out: Music variety garlic keeps up to 1 year after harvest

Not all varieties of Quebec-grown garlic keep equally well. With time, we have concluded that the Music variety is superior and stores exceptionally well.

To maximize the shelf life of Music garlic, keep it at a temperature above 20°C (see why). Store it in the cupboard or keep it handy and ready to use on the kitchen counter!

2) Discover a variety of flavours, shapes and colours. Garlic varieties are like apples: there is one for every taste!

We have been growing Music garlic for 25 years. This variety is characterized by its spicy taste and its four to seven large cloves.

In 2016, we also introduced Glazed Purple Stripe garlic. This variety is characterized by its milder, rich taste, its pink, silvery- or golden-glazed skin, and its dozen purple to bronze cloves.

There are over 1 000 garlic varieties in the world. Learn more about some garlic varieties!

3) Save

A family of four consumes approximately 2 kilos of garlic per year. When we compare the average price of our garlic sold in stores with the price per kilogram from our online store, we can say that for an order of 2 kilos or more (from our online store) you save approximately 15% and this includes the shipping costs of $23. Save up to 40% of the store price by pooling your orders with friends and family, since delivery is free for orders over $200.

We deliver everywhere in Quebec right to your house!

4) Be the envy of others: It’s very difficult to find Quebec-grown garlic in winter

Quebec-grown garlic accounts for approximately 8% of garlic consumed by Quebecers. Therefore, we consume much more garlic than we produce. In the fall, grocery stores and public markets abound with Quebec-grown garlic. However, as time passes, it is increasingly hard to find.

With your supply of garlic, you will be among those lucky to have Quebec-grown garlic year-round!

5) Be environmentally friendly: Quebec-grown garlic travels at least 10 000 km less than garlic from China.

Our garlic, grown in the Eastern Townships, travels approximately 200 kilometres to reach supermarkets in the Montreal area. Garlic grown in China crosses the ocean and travels at least 11 000 kilometres to reach Montreal. Get your supply and save your garlic 10 000 kilometres of travel!

6) Put yourself in good hands: Le Petit Mas has over 25 years of experience as garlic producers

By purchasing your garlic from an experienced farmer, the garlic will be guaranteed optimal drying and storage conditions before arriving to your residence. Therefore, you will be purchasing high quality garlic that keeps extremely well.

7) Support the community

By purchasing our garlic, you help keep our community alive and help our families live in the Eastern Townships. You also help us do what we love to do: provide jobs in small communities and keep our townships alive.

A huge thank you.