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Due to our 25 years of experience as garlic producers, our Quebec-grown garlic stands out for its long-lasting freshness, bold taste and great appearance. You love garlic? You will love ours even more! 

Our flagship product, fermented garlic flowers, makes cooking easier. This unique seasoning will enhance all your recipes: it is easy to digest and leaves no garlic breath.

CHEFS and BLOGgers love our products

"Le Petit Mas, in Compton, produces really amazing garlic."

 Danny St-Pierre, chef

"For me, they're a great discovery."

— Bob le chef, about fermented garlic flowers

"The garlic flower is the ideal accompaniment to wine. Contrary to regular garlic, which often destabilizes wine, 
the garlic flower is one of its best friends." 

— Tastevino, food blogger

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Quebec-Grown Garlic – The 2017 available from our online store!


canadian-garlic-irder-online Quebec-grown garlic is ready! Online store We would like to let you know that the Petit Mas Online Store is open and ready to take your orders of Quebec garlic as of July 25, 2017! The sooner you order your garlic in July and August, the sooner you will receive it in September, and so on for the following months until supplies last. buy online garlic New** Le Petit Mas Farm Store Good news! We will also have an actual store at Le Petit Mas farm (60 Route 251, Martinville, Quebec, Canada). The store will open its doors on September 1st and be open Wednesday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. We don’t process advance orders at the farm store, but you can order your garlic from our online store and then select the option “I will pick up my order at the farm.”   buy online garlic New** Quebec-grown garlic in BULK Quebec-grown garlic in BULK is now available for seeds or personal consumption in all garlic varieties, grades and sizes (large, medium, small, Grade 1, Grade 2, Music and Glazed Purple Stripe). When buying garlic in BULK, you will save approximately 5% on your order compared to packaged garlic. The garlic sold in BULK is delivered directly in a box without being packaged in mesh bags. For now, this format is offered only from our online store. Ail du Québec de variété glazed purple stripe Varieties grown at Le Petit Mas Since 1989, we have been growing the Music cultivar, known for its large, strong, juicy and spicy cloves, its excellent shelf-life (8 to 12 months) and exceptional resistance to cold and diseases. In 2012, we received a sample of the Glazed Purple Stripe cultivar from a market gardener. Last year, we began selling this garlic at our online store. Glazed Purple Stripe is a rich and mild garlic. Each bulb has about 10 flat, bronze cloves and a medium shelf-life (6 to 8 months). To find out more, go to our Varieties and Groups of Garlic in Quebec page. buy online garlic Grade 2 garlic (irregular, second quality, unappealing…) At Le Petit Mas, we carefully sort our Quebec-grown garlic and offer only high-quality garlic (Grade 1) to supermarkets. In order to eliminate food waste, we sell our irregular garlic (Grade 2) through our online store, at food fairs and within the HRI network. In terms of taste, Grade 1 garlic and Grade 2 garlic are equivalent. As for the shelf-life, Grade 1 garlic keeps for longer (8 to 12 months) than Grade 2 garlic (3 to 6 months).
Discover our other garlic products Discover our dried garlic, sold in three practical formats: – in a resealable bag ($4) – in a reusable glass grinder ($13) – in a gift set that includes a reusable glass grinder and a jar of fermented garlic scapes ($18) Dried garlic is a great addition to salt and pepper to season your meals right at the table!
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You have any questions? We have the answers!
If you have other questions regarding our products and services, please contact us. We will be happy to answer them! The Le Petit Mas team
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How should I store my canadian garlic?

how should i store my canadian garlic

how should i store my canadian garlic 1-    Buy fresh Quebec garlic in season: In addition to being more flavourful, juicy and exquisitely crisp, fresh garlic doesn't have its germ! (Buy it directly from our our online store as of early August.) 2-    Buy garlic directly from producers: Garlic bought directly from producers has never been stored in cold rooms, which cause the cloves to germinate early. (The producer: that’s us!) 3-    Buy garlic from an experienced producer: The way garlic is dried is critical for ensuring that it will keep well throughout the year. Experienced producers know how to process garlic at each of the different steps of production to ensure the quality of the bulbs. (Le Petit Mas has 25 years of experience!) 4-    Buy a garlic variety that naturally stores well: Garlic varieties do not all have the same shelf life. The Music variety we grow naturally keeps well (it will keep from one harvest to the next), while other varieties have a shorter shelf life. (The Music variety is the one we sell!) 5- Follow your producer’s advice on how to store garlic: Ultimately, if you buy our garlic, keep it handy on your kitchen counter or in your cupboard at room temperature (around 20°C). Since our garlic has not undergone a dormancy period (which happens when it is kept in the cold), its biological clock has stopped. The germ will grow very slowly inside the bulbs and won’t come out for several months—or even not at all—before the next harvest. Order your Quebec garlic as of early August and enjoy it throughout the year! buy online garlic While waiting for the next harvest, try our fermented garlic flowersavailable year-round in stores. Once opened, the jar keeps in the fridge for over two years! garlic flowers store  

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