Should I remove the mulch from my field of garlic?

It’s April, and spring is finally here. As we look over our fields of garlic, get our tools and tractors ready and prepare for the heat, we’re also happy to answer some of your questions!

Should I remove the mulch that I put over my Quebec garlic in the fall?

First of all, it’s not necessary to remove the mulch from the field of garlic. As you can imagine, it’s pretty difficult to remove mulch from 20 acres of land, only to have to put it back later! At le Petit Mas, we don’t cover anymore all our acres. That would be too expensive and take too much time at fall! To have both, gaves us a serious advantage as harvest period of garlic scape and garlic is expanded.

Effectively, when the ground is still thawing, the soil under the mulch takes longer to thaw because it’s protected from direct sunlight. Since the soil is colder, the sprouting will be slower. The garlic could take an extra 1 to 2 weeks to come out of the ground and poke out through the mulch. 

If your Quebec garlic is already poking out through the mulch, the ground has thawed and you can leave the mulch where it is.

Using mulch also presents a major challenge: the thickness of the layer of mulch. If the layer of mulch is not thick enough, it will be effective against frost but not against weeds. If the layer of mulch is too thick, it will smother and kill the garlic. If you put down a really thick layer of mulch or a geotextile fabric without holes, it would be better to remove them in the spring.

Lastly, if the ground is still frozen and you only have a few rows of garlic in your garden, you can remove and set aside the mulch and put it back later (to smother weeds and retain moisture). It’s up to you to decide whether you’re a gardener or a laidback gardener.

Happy gardening!

Please write to us with any questions you might have about growing garlic in Quebec!

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Sébastien Grandmont, co-owner, wons the 2020 ”Tournez-vous vers l’excellence” contest

Le petit Mas

November 24th 2020, Sébastien Grandmont, co-owner, wons the Tournez-vous vers l’excellence contest of the Financière agricole du Québec. Price was given at the virtual Colloque Gestion organized by the Centre de référence en agriculture et agroalimentaire du Québec (CRAAQ).

Thanks to our team work, to our family and friends who support us in this agricultural adventure. Le Petit Mas is also surrounded by experts in different fields and also financial partners who have enabled us to carry out our agricultural project!

This contest is intended for young agricultural entrepreneurs who, thanks to their professional skills and management qualities, stand out for the excellence of their professional profile. By holding this contest, La Financière agricole du Québec, in collaboration with the CRAAQ, is demonstrating the importance it attaches to training as well as to a set of qualities and talents paving the way to the farming profession. Watch Sébastien Grandmont’s video (in French)

After acquiring the family business in 2013, Marie-Pierre and Sébastien became owners of a 106-acre land in Martinville.

The company has grown from 4 acres in organic farming in 2013 to 35 acres in organic farming in 2020. With this expansion, the company has undeniably become a leader in organic garlic cultivation in Quebec.

Preserving Fresh Garlic Scapes


You can now find fresh garlic scapes in grocery stores in abundance! Are you a fan? Well, we will teach you how to preserve them.

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In your stomach!

Why keep something for later when you can eat it now? Have a look at our delicious fresh garlic scapes recipes. Want to invent your own recipes? When raw, garlic scapes are similar to green onions. When cooked, they are like garlicky beans or asparagus. You’ll discover that garlic scapes can be used in an almost infinite number of ways.

In the fridge

You’ve stocked up on garlic scapes at the market, and now you’re afraid that they might go bad? Don’t worry! Garlic scapes will keep for several weeks in the fridge in a plastic bag.

congeler les fleurs d'ail

In the freezer

There are two ways to enjoy garlic scapes in the winter. The first is to purée the garlic scapes into a pesto and the second is to If you’re short on time, you can also freeze them whole and then easily cut them while still frozen, once you want to use them.


Through fermentation

At Le Petit Mas, we ferment our garlic scapes, and they are the best in the world. If you want to try your hand at fermenting your own garlic scapes, you can read about how to do it here.

Discover our fermented garlic scapes and organic Quebec garlic through our online store or in grocery stores.