How should I store my canadian garlic?

how should i store my canadian garlic

1-    Buy fresh Quebec garlic in season: In addition to being more flavourful, juicy and exquisitely crisp, fresh garlic doesn’t have its germ! (Buy it directly from our our online store as of early August.)

2-    Buy garlic directly from producers: Garlic bought directly from producers has never been stored in cold rooms, which cause the cloves to germinate early. (The producer: that’s us!)

3-    Buy garlic from an experienced producer: The way garlic is dried is critical for ensuring that it will keep well throughout the year. Experienced producers know how to process garlic at each of the different steps of production to ensure the quality of the bulbs. (Le Petit Mas has 25 years of experience!)

4-    Buy a garlic variety that naturally stores well: Garlic varieties do not all have the same shelf life. The Music variety we grow naturally keeps well (it will keep from one harvest to the next), while other varieties have a shorter shelf life. (The Music variety is the one we sell!)

5- Follow your producer’s advice on how to store garlic: Ultimately, if you buy our garlic, keep it handy on your kitchen counter or in your cupboard at room temperature (around 20°C). Since our garlic has not undergone a dormancy period (which happens when it is kept in the cold), its biological clock has stopped. The germ will grow very slowly inside the bulbs and won’t come out for several months—or even not at all—before the next harvest.

Order your Quebec garlic as of early August and enjoy it throughout the year!

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While waiting for the next harvest, try our fermented garlic flowersavailable year-round in stores. Once opened, the jar keeps in the fridge for over two years!

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2 thoughts on “How should I store my canadian garlic?

  1. This year, despite crop rotation every 2-3 years, we lost over 50% of our Le petit mas Music garlic harvest to white garlic rot.

    I have no more new beds to plant it in. Do you have any suggestions to help me out.

    Looking forward to your advice,

    • Hello Karina, first of all, do you have a microbiological analysis that confirms the disease? Once confirmed, you will be able to select the good treatment/rotation. Also, did you ever done a soil analysis, to see if your soil has all garlic nutrients? Finally, do you know if your soil draind well when there is rain? Soil humidity favorise fungus development. This year in Québec, is was particularly a wet season. For the moment, at le Petit Mas, we dont have loss caused by white garlic rot but we do have other diseases. We dont harvest all perfects bulbs.

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