It is the season to cook with Quebec garlic scapes

it is the season to cook with garlic scapes

After asparagus and radishes, Quebec-grown garlic scapes start appearing in supermarkets, public markets and organic food baskets.

One question that often comes up when Le Petit Mas goes to fairs is: “What can I cook with garlic scapes?”

To answer this question, we must first distinguish between two products: our fermented garlic flowers and fresh garlic scapes.

Fermented garlic scapes in oil

Developed in 1989 by Le Petit Mas, our fermented garlic flowers are a seasoning. More delicate than garlic, they don’t have that “burning” taste of garlic cloves. The fermentation process makes the raw scapes more easy to digest and they won’t give you garlic breath. So fermented garlic scape butter will be much more digestible than traditional garlic butter and won’t overpower the taste of your lobster or prawns.

Ready to use, fermented garlic scapes will quickly season everyday meals as well as fancier dishes: salads, dressings, pasta, seafood, marinades, pizzas, sandwiches, vegetables, etc.

Try Le Petit Mas fermented garlic flowers, available year-round in stores.


Fresh garlic scapes

Fresh garlic scapes can be eaten in two ways.

Cook fresh garlic scapes like other vegetables. Their taste is similar to green beans or asparagus, but slightly sweeter. Fresh garlic scapes can be steamed, baked or fried. When you can easily poke them with a knife, they are ready to eat. Add them to stir-fries, pizzas, quiches and more.

Raw and finely chopped, fresh garlic scapes are a good substitute for green onions in salads, soups, etc. (1 garlic scape = 1 green onion).

Most market gardeners sell garlic scapes seasonally (late June to mid-July). Go to public markets throughout Quebec to stock up!

Now that we have made the distinction, here are some summer recipes for cooking with Quebec-grown garlic scapes:

Summer recipes for fermented garlic scapes

garlic scape marinade for fish and poultry

Garlic scape marinade for fish and poultry







grilledherby potatoes with garlic scapes

Grilled herby potatoes with garlic scapes








spring pizza with shrimp imp asparagus cheese and garlic scapes

Spring pizza  with shrimp imp asparagus cheese and garlic scapes







Summer recipes for fresh garlic scapes

summer salad with tomatoes and fresh garlic scapes

Summer salad with tomatoes and fresh garlic scapes







quiche with fresh garlic scapesQuiche with fresh garlic scapes

garlic scape pestoGarlic scape pesto







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