Quebec-Grown Garlic – The 2017 available from our online store!


Quebec-grown garlic is ready!

Online store

We would like to let you know that the Petit Mas Online Store is open and ready to take your orders of Quebec garlic as of July 25, 2017!

The sooner you order your garlic in July and August, the sooner you will receive it in September, and so on for the following months until supplies last.

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New** Le Petit Mas Farm Store

Good news! We will also have an actual store at Le Petit Mas farm (60 Route 251, Martinville, Quebec, Canada). The store will open its doors on September 1st and be open Wednesday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

We don’t process advance orders at the farm store, but you can order your garlic from our online store and then select the option “I will pick up my order at the farm.”


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New** Quebec-grown garlic in BULK

Quebec-grown garlic in BULK is now available for seeds or personal consumption in all garlic varieties, grades and sizes (large, medium, small, Grade 1, Grade 2, Music and Glazed Purple Stripe).

When buying garlic in BULK, you will save approximately 5% on your order compared to packaged garlic. The garlic sold in BULK is delivered directly in a box without being packaged in mesh bags. For now, this format is offered only from our online store.

Ail du Québec de variété glazed purple stripe

Varieties grown at Le Petit Mas

Since 1989, we have been growing the Music cultivar, known for its large, strong, juicy and spicy cloves, its excellent shelf-life (8 to 12 months) and exceptional resistance to cold and diseases.

In 2012, we received a sample of the Glazed Purple Stripe cultivar from a market gardener. Last year, we began selling this garlic at our online store. Glazed Purple Stripe is a rich and mild garlic. Each bulb has about 10 flat, bronze cloves and a medium shelf-life (6 to 8 months).

To find out more, go to our Varieties and Groups of Garlic in Quebec page.

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Grade 2 garlic (irregular, second quality, unappealing…)

At Le Petit Mas, we carefully sort our Quebec-grown garlic and offer only high-quality garlic (Grade 1) to supermarkets.

In order to eliminate food waste, we sell our irregular garlic (Grade 2) through our online store, at food fairs and within the HRI network. In terms of taste, Grade 1 garlic and Grade 2 garlic are equivalent. As for the shelf-life, Grade 1 garlic keeps for longer (8 to 12 months) than Grade 2 garlic (3 to 6 months).

Discover our other garlic products

Discover our dried garlic, sold in three practical formats:

– in a resealable bag ($4)

– in a reusable glass grinder ($13)

– in a gift set that includes a reusable glass grinder and a jar of fermented garlic scapes ($18)

Dried garlic is a great addition to salt and pepper to season your meals right at the table!

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You have any questions? We have the answers!

If you have other questions regarding our products and services, please contact us. We will be happy to answer them!

The Le Petit Mas team

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Should I protect my fields of Quebec garlic with mulch?


“I planted my Quebec Music variety garlic in late September, and it has already grown to almost three inches above ground. 1) Will I lose my harvest? 2) Should I cover it up?”

We received these questions by email and thought we would take the opportunity to share our responses with our followers.

Should I protect my fields of Quebec garlic with mulch?

Should I protect my fields of Quebec garlic with mulch?

1) Will I lose my harvest of Quebec garlic? It is normal for garlic to grow a little during the fall. We also plant our Music variety garlic at this time so that it can develop strong roots and then grow with vigour in the spring. However, don’t worry if the garlic doesn’t sprout in the fall!

2) Should I cover my garlic? There are several ways to do this in Quebec. Some producers mulch with straw, some not at all, and some use other kinds of cultivation methods (plastic mulch, herbicides, etc.).

For our part, since we are organic farmers, we protect our garlic with mulch. We use straw, but in a garden or for a crop on a smaller scale, you can use dead leaves.

The benefits of using mulch:

– Garlic is sensitive to severe frost and temperature changes (freezing/thawing). This can weaken the plants and make them grow less vigorously in the spring. In Saint-Malo, winters have been very unpredictable in recent years (for example: the snow cover disappeared in February, then there was a period of intense freezing). Covering the garlic with mulch protects it in case the snow cover melts.

– The yield of garlic (the size of the garlic bulb) is sensitive to weed competition. Mulch is effective in suppressing weed growth. Unfortunately, the mulch doesn’t do all the work for us. We have to till the soil to eliminate the weeds before mulching, and then weed as needed between the plants and between the rows!

– Garlic needs one inch of water per week. Mulch helps conserve soil moisture during dry periods.

That said, some Quebec garlic producers do not use mulch.

The drawbacks of using mulch:

– Depending on the surface area you need to cover, buying mulch can be a significant investment.

– The presence of weed seeds in a mulch of poor quality can introduce weeds in the fields. This will indirectly increase the cost of labour for weeding.

– When the soil is protected by mulch, it thaws more slowly. Garlic can take one to two more weeks to sprout (compared to garlic that is not under mulch). Consequently, this delays the harvesting of scapes and garlic and selling them in markets.

– Lastly, the major challenge of mulching is quantity. Too little mulch will protect the garlic from frost but won’t be effective in preventing weeds. Too much mulch will stifle and kill the garlic.

Agriculture is never simple: you need to find the solution that best fits your reality. Please contact us if you have any questions about garlic farming in Quebec or read our Garlic Growing Guide.

Whether you are a gardener or a garlic producer, we wish you a happy end of season. The work in the fields is almost done!

Buy your Quebec garlic seeds in season (early August to late September) from our online store.


While you wait for the next harvest, enjoy our fermented garlic flowers available year-round in stores.


Sébastien Grandmont, co-owner of Le Petit Mas and garlic producer. 

Sébastien Grandmont, co-owner of Le Petit Mas and garlic producer.

Garlic scape butter vs. garlic butter: the duel

garlic scape butter vs garlic butter: the duel

Garlic butter is a classic recipe. It’s delicious on bread, of course, but also on pasta, seafood, potatoes, grilled meat and fish, fried mushrooms, etc.

To write this post, we tested our three flavoured butter recipes: garlic scape butterQuebec garlic butter and Quebec garlic confit butter.

Garlic scape butter vs. garlic butter: the verdict

quebec garlic butter

Garlic scape butter

  1. Garlic scape butter, Quebec garlic butter and Quebec garlic confit butter are all delicious, cheap and easy to make. Yet they each have a very different taste.
  2. Flavoured butters keep several days in the fridge, but you can also freeze them so you always have them on hand.
  3. We love them all, but we prefer garlic scape butter with seafood. Its delicate taste brings out the subtle flavours of the seafood more.

Once you have finessed your technique for making garlic butter, have fun coming up with your own versions! Lemon juice, sea salt, mustard, thyme, maple flakes are just some of the ingredients that go well with garlic butter!

Quebec garlic confit butter

Quebec garlic confit butter

Basic garlic or garlic scape butter recipe

  1. Cream butter in a food processor or with a fork.
  2. Add Quebec-grown garlic, our fermented garlic scapes, Quebec garlic confit or other ingredients, depending on which version you are making, and mix until thoroughly combined.
  3. Serve immediately on bread, pasta, seafood, etc.
  4. To store, transfer the garlic scape butterQuebec garlic butter or Quebec garlic confit butter to a ramekin or roll into a sausage in plastic wrap. To make the sausage, place the mixture in the centre of a square of plastic wrap and spread it lengthwise. Roll into a sausage about 1 inch in diameter. Close up the two ends by tying the plastic wrap into a knot. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours. Slice into rings when ready to serve.

The best garlic bread

Now that you have your butter, make your own Quebec garlic bread, garlic scape bread or garlic confit bread!

  1. Preheat oven to 400°F.
  2. Without cutting completely through the bottom, cut bread into 1-inch-thick slices.
  3. Spread garlic scape butterQuebec garlic butter or Quebec garlic confit butter  between slices.
  4. Wrap baguette in aluminium foil and bake in the oven (or on the barbecue) for about 15 minutes.

Bon appétit!

Looking to make garlic scape butter, but don’t have any scapes on hand? Find the point of sale nearest you.

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Looking to have some Quebec-grown garlic? Buy your Quebec garlic from our online store in season.

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