Our fermented garlic scapes now in Ontario

Le Petit Mas fermented garlic scapes now in Ontario

We are proud to announce that our fermented garlic scapes are now easily available in Ontario in different stores.

You can now buy our ORGANIC fermented garlic scapes at 17 natural food markets and our regular fermented garlic scapes under the private label “Farm Boy” at all 15 points of sales of Farm Boy (see the list of points of sale at the end of this article).

What are fermented garlic scapes?

Our fermented garlic scapes are a unique seasoning!

Easy to digest and leaving no garlic breath, fermented garlic scapes are the ideal seasoning for your lunches at the office, family meals and dishes for special occasions!

As fermentation acts as a preservative, you can keep your jar in the fridge up to 2 years. We guess that you’ll finish it before it expires!

Our fermented garlic scapes pack in a lot of taste with no added sugar or salt, allergens, cholesterol, gluten or lactose! They’re perfect for every diet!

Click here to see the ingredients listnutritional information and allergy certification.
Vinaigrette infaillible aux fleurs d'ail

How to use it?

This unique seasoning will enhance all your recipes.

Ready to use, they are ideal when you are in a rush or you wish to make things simpler. Use fermented garlic scapes in any recipe when you feel like adding a delicious extra touch!

1 tsp. of Le Petit Mas fermented garlic scapes livens up all your recipes for pasta, seafood, salads, steamed vegetables, dressings and more! See our recipes for inspiration.

Substitute for garlic: calculate about 1 tsp. of fermented garlic flowers per clove.

Trempette d'inspiration tzatziki aux fleurs d'ail

Garlic scapes or garlic flowers?

While the most common term for the main ingredient is “garlic scapes”, when we began farming garlic in Quebec (Canada) in 1989 this was not the case. As garlic scapes were very rarely used and commercialized at the time, we began using the term “garlic flowers” and have since grown fond of it!

The benefits of lactic fermentation

The lactic fermentation of vegetables and our garlic scapes has many benefits:

1) It keeps the products alive and good for your health, thanks to the lactic bacteria and enzymes produced, as well as maintaining the concentration of vitamins, nutrients, and bioactive molecules of raw foods.

2) It preserves the vegetables for several years through entirely natural means without chemical additives or pasteurization.

3) It creates new flavours thanks to the lactic and organic acids produced.

Read our blog article to know more about fermentation: The fermentation trend: delicious garlic scapes.

Organic fermented garlic scapes 

Big Carrot  Toronto 348 Danforth Ave. M4K 1N8
Bloor St-Market  Toronto 55 Bloor St-West M4W 1A5
Bruno’s Valu Mart Don Mills 83 Underhill Dr. M3A 2J8
Harbourfront Foods Toronto 95 Front St.E – St. Lawrence Market M5E 1C2
Healthy Planet Etobicoke Etobicoke 1000 Islington Ave M8Z 4P8
Nature’s Emporium Newmarket 16635 Yonge St. L3X 1V66
The Sweet Potato Toronto 2995 Dundas St. W M6P 1Z4
Tiano’s Organics Pickering 375 Kingston Rd L1V 1A3
Full Circle Foods Kitchener 3 Charles St. W N2G 1H1
The Garden Basket Markham 9271 Markham Rd L6E 1A1
4 Life Natural Food (south)  Toronto 210 Augusta Ave M5T 2J1
Better Bulk / Moberly Natural Foods Toronto 2044 Danforth Ave M4C 1J8
Yummy Market (Maple) Maple 1390 Major Mackenzie Dr W L6A 4H6
Pure Heaven Ancaster 69 Deerview Ave L9G 4S1
Jecara Farms Schomberg 15580 10th Concession L0G 1T0


Alloro Fine Foods Nobelton 13305 Hwy 27 L0G 1N0
Bloor Superfresh Toronto 384 Bloor St. W M5S 1X2

Regular fermented garlic scapes under the private label “Farm Boy”


814 Sydney Street Cornwall K6H 3J8 613-938-8566
457 Hazeldean Road Kanata K2L 1V1 613-836-8085
940 Futures Gate Kingston K7M 8T5 613-547-2173
1045 Wellington Road London N6E 1W4 519-963-0486
3033 Woodroffe Avenue Nepean K2G 6H2 613-823-8835
1642 Merivale Road Nepean K2G 4A1 613-228-7417
2030 Tenth Line Road Orléans K4A 4X4 613-841-4221
2950 Bank Street Ottawa K1T 1N8 613-260-7330
1500 Bank St. Ottawa K1H 7Z1 613-739-7199
1495 Richmond Road Ottawa K2B 6R9 613-688-2882
585 Montreal Road Ottawa K1K 4K3 613-744-3463
499 Terry Fox Drive Ottawa K2T 1H7 613-271-8727
3035 St. Joseph Boulevard Ottawa K1E 1E1 613-590-1830
1250 Stittsville Main St. Ottawa K2S 1S9 613-836-4594
665 Industrial Avenue Ottawa K1G 0Z1 613 288-0616


2 thoughts on “Our fermented garlic scapes now in Ontario

  1. Hello,

    I am in Ottawa. Is there a place nearby that I can pick up your organic garlic scape pesto? Farm boy version does not seem organic, correct?

    • Hi,

      If you are willing to go to Gatineau here is some salespoint of our organic version :

      Alim. St-Jacques & Tremblay 1248, De La Verendrye Est Gatineau, QC
      IGA Extra Famille Charles 455, Boul. Gréber Gatineau, QC
      La Boîte à Grains 325, Boul. Greber, Unit #E-1 Gatineau, QC
      Marché Masson Angers inc – IGA 112, rue Georges Gatineau, QC
      Métro Limbourg 2505, rue St-Louis Gatineau, QC

      Otherwise could buy it online with your organic garlic this summer 🙂 http://www.lepetitmas.ca/en/online-store/


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